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Red Mite Treatment Pack

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Size: 1 x Treatment Pack

Our Red Mite Treatment Pack gives you everything you need to help manage a red mite infestation. You will receive 2 x Mini Smoke Bombs that should be used in your chicken's coop/nest box, these will kill all mites & insects without leaving any residue or odour! You also get one of our red mite puffer bottles, this is 100% natural diatomaceous earth that can be applied directly to your birds (make sure to get under the wings as well) this will kill any mites that are currently living on your chickens. 

How to use the Insect Smoke Bombs

These fast acting smoke bombs will kill all poultry red mite in the enclosed targeted area without staining, they are low odour and work perfectly as part of a comprehensive treatment of red mite.     

-Ensure no livestock or animals are present in the treatment area.   
-Make the area being treated as airtight as possible by closing all openings, including   windows & doors    
-Place the required number of smoke bombs on a heat-resistant surface, such as an old plate    
-Light the fuse & leave the treatment area, closing any doors behind you,    
-Leave for 2-3 hours for the smoke to disperse, then ventilate the room thoroughly     Always ensure that the smoke bomb is cold before removing 
- Always wear a safety mask when using this product
- Extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic life.    
- Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed.    
- May cause sensitisation by skin contact.

Using the Red Mite Puffer Bottle

Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures, so is totally inert and safe to humans and animals. This Powder works mechanically rather than chemically, so no immunity can be built up. As the mites crawl through this dust, the microscopically sharp shards that this product is made from scratches the mite's waxy shell, thus causing them to slowly dehydrate and die.     

-Apply liberally on each bird, make sure to coat under the wings   
-Spray on the ground around the entrance to their nest box and busy areas.    
-This powder is 100% safe for your birds, both externally and internally (it actually helps with digestibility!) so don't be afraid to cover everything    
-We advise wearing gloves and a dust mask when applying Diatomaceous Earth, as in some cases it can be a skin irritant.
Size: 1 x Treatment Pack


British Hen Welfare Trust

The British Hen Welfare Trust (registered charity no.
1147356) rehomes ex-commercial hens across the UK.  As part of our commitment to supporting them, Natures Grub will donate £10,000 to the charity, raised through the sale of all poultry products during this 1-year campaign.