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      • How much is my shipping?

        All orders over £50 will have free next day tracked shipping, for all orders under £50 there will be a £4.95 delivery charge, and these will also be sent via Next day tracked.

        Please Note: Free delivery is for Mainland UK Post Codes Only, this is dictated to us by our FedEx Courier, some Scottish Highland & Island postcodes may be subject to additional charges, please contact us before paying, failure to do this will result in us requesting extra delivery charges prior to dispatching your order

      • How long will it take to receive my order?

        All orders are usually processed next working day and are shipped via FedEx next working day service (unless stated otherwise) so you should receive your order in around 2-3 Working Days. During busy periods our dispatch time can change to 2 working days so if your order is urgent please contact us before purchase.

      • Are the bulk botanicals safe for my animals?

        All of our botanical products are grown without harmful pesticides, so they will be 100% safe for your animal. Some botanical products are not recommended for certain animals so be sure to check the description.

      • Why do my botanicals look slightly different to the picture?

        As with any Natural product the look can vary from harvest to harvest, so your product may look slightly different to the picture on our website, but rest assured, they are still packed full of all the natural nutrients and goodness!

      • Do I have to feed my Rabbit Muesli?

        No, A rabbit's ideal diet consists of hay, leaves, botanicals & herbs, all the fantastic things they would eat naturally. Although muesli/pelleted style diets do contain some of these products, they are bulked out with cheaper ingredients, resulting in a feed with very low amounts of fibre, which is very important for your bunnies health! By feeding our natural botanical products you are making sure that your bunny is getting all the fibre and nutrients they need, whilst also providing them with amazing variety which they are sure to enjoy!

      • Can I change my Pygmy Hedgehog/Sugar Glider food over to 'Exotics' Complete food straight away?

        Each product in our 'Exotics' range is specifically formulated for that individual animal. Both our Pygmy Hedgehog & Sugar Glider Pellets are made in our factory in Norfolk, so we control 100% of the ingredients that go into them. When changing to our nutritionally balanced diets we suggest that you slowly swap your animals existing food over the course of 1 week, on the first day add in 10% of our food, from the 2nd day you can start to increase gradually until you are only feeding the 'Exotics' Diet. In some cases you may find that your animal will prefer their existing food (cat biscuits/cheaper feed pellets) this is because they contain high amounts of salt and fat which over time can be really detrimental to your animals health, but with some perseverance your animal will take to their new healthier food!

      • Why should I feed calci worms over mealworms?

        Dried Mealworms are one of the most popular wild bird feeds in the country as they are loved by all species of bird, but recent studies have found that the levels of phosphorus to calcium are very high in these dried worms meaning that our beloved birds are not getting the calcium they need which can result in brittle bones and thin eggshells. Calci worms (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) are an amazing alternative to dried mealworms, they are very similar in look & smell but have 1 key difference - their phosphorus to calcium levels are perfectly balanced, meaning that these dried worms can be fed guilt free as you know, not only do the birds love them, but they are also much more nutritionally balanced!