• Mixed Pecking Treat Box (Mis-shapes)

  • Description

  • All chickens need something to keep them busy, with our big 1kg box of mixed pecking treats your birds will be entertained for hours! Each box will contain 1kg of mis-shapes and broken pecking treats (all made by us in the UK) that didn't quite pass our quality control (all cosmetic). These are very easy to use, simply snap your desired size treat and scatter them onto the floor to encourage your birds natural pecking and foraging instinct!

    Each box will be 1kg in weight and contain a random mixture of:

    • Cranberry pecking treats
    • Carrot pecking treats
    • Popcorn Pecking Treats
    • Apple Pecking Treats
    • Seasonal pecking treats
  • What are they made from?

  • We use Wheat, Maize, Grit, Dried Fruit, Dried Veg & Edible Binder

  • How do I feed this?

  • These can be snapped and scattered around the coop to let your birds peck and forage