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Fresh Nest Herbs

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Size: 200g Bag

Fresh Nest Herbs not only create a wonderfully aromatic nest area but also offer significant benefits for your hens' wellbeing. The calming properties of these herbs help to relax and soothe your flock, contributing to a peaceful and stress-free environment. This is particularly important for laying hens, as a calm atmosphere can improve their overall health and productivity.

Additionally, the natural oils found in these carefully selected herbs act as effective deterrents against common pests. By incorporating Fresh Nest Herbs into your coop, you help protect your hens from mites, lice, and other unwanted insects, reducing the need for chemical treatments and creating a healthier living space.

What herbs do we use?

Marigold Flowers, Rose Buds, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Blue Cornflowers, Spearmint, Chamomile, Oregano

How do I use Fresh Nest Herbs?

Sprinkle liberally into the coop area, especially the nest boxes, we recommend around one small handful per nest box

Size: 200g Bag


British Hen Welfare Trust

The British Hen Welfare Trust (registered charity no.
1147356) rehomes ex-commercial hens across the UK.  As part of our commitment to supporting them, Natures Grub will donate £10,000 to the charity, raised through the sale of all poultry products during this 1-year campaign.