• Summer Meadow Salad

  • Description

  • Summer Meadow Salad is a health boosting addition to the diet of your little ones. This blend contains lots of green leaves and healthy green oats that your little ones will love!

    You may notice on the ingredients that this blend contains Green Wheat & Green Oat but have no fear! Both of these fantastic green forage items are harvested before any Carbohydrates are formed, so they are classed as a forage and not a grain, making them safe for your fluffy friend! Their broad stems and tasty seed heads are often a favourite for most bunnies!

    This blend is perfect for Rabbits, Hamsters and most small animals!

    All of our leaves oats & wheats are free from harmful pesticides & make a great addition to the natural diet of rabbits, Guinea pigs, degus & chinchilla

  • Composition 

  • Green Oat, Green Wheat, Nettle Leaves, Echinacea, Dandelion Leaves, Plantain Leaves, Birch Leaves, Blackcurrant Leaves