• Natural Nibbles - Flower & Herb Salad

  • Description

  • Natural Nibbles Flower & Herb Salad is a high quality, health boosting forage mix, perfect for most small animals. This well balanced blend contains ingredients that are loved by rabbits & guinea pigs, you can simply mix these in with hay to encourage your pets natural foraging instinct!

    Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & most small animals Make sure fresh drinking water is always available

    What's in the mix?

    Parsley Stalks, Nettle, Alfalfa Forage, Marigold Flowers, Red Cornflowers, Spearmint, Premium Dandelion, Raspberry Leaf

    Nutritional Info

    Crude Protein 18%, Crude Fats & Oils 3.6%, Crude Fibres 19%, Crude Ash 11%