• Natural Nibbles - Biscuit Bars

  • Description

  • Natural Nibbles Biscuit Bars are a crispy, sweet, baked treat for small animals. The hard structure of this bar can help to maintain tooth health whilst also being a tasty treat! As these are a treat, please ensure only a small amount is fed, we recommend 1-2 per week for Hamsters.

    Suitable for Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils and most small animals. Not suitable for Chinchillas or Degus

    What's in them?

    Wheat flour, egg, shelled walnuts, honey, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip, natural colour

    Nutritional Info

    Crude Protein 14.3%, Crude Fats & Oils 5.6%, Crude Fibres 0.4%, Crude Ash 0.9%