• Natural Dog Treat Selection Pack - Deluxe

  • Description

  • This is our Deluxe selection of natural meaty treats, featuring a great mix of both chew treats & training treats. These treats are packed full of natural fats & oils that are great for skin health, helping to give your four legged friend a shiny coat.

    This mixture of high quality dried treats is perfect for most dog species that love meaty treats! This selection pack contains over 60 items, which will definitely make you the dogs favourite!

  • What's in the Selection Pack?

  • This selection pack contains the following- Jumbo Pigs Ears, Air Dried Chicken Feet, Chicken Necks, Puffed Rabbit Ears, Rabbit Ears w/ fur, Jumbo Puffed Pig Snouts, Beef Tripe, Duck Feet, Beef Trachea, Bull Pizzle Sticks, Beef Liver Pieces, Beef Paddywack, Jumbo Black Pudding Sausages, Mini Chicken Sausages, Mini Smoked Chicken Sausages, Mini Cheese Sausages, Dried Anchovies, Dried Fish Skin Cubes. This mix will be sent in a heat sealed bag and weigh around 1kg.

    We also do Standard & Premium Selection Packs!

  • Buy More, Save More!

  • Buy More, Save More!