• Hemp and Aniseed Suet Blocks

  • Description

  • Our Hemp and Aniseed Suet blocks are made from the finest ingredients, they are highly palatable, nutritious, and will not melt in the sun. They will help to provide wild birds with an additional source of food, which is especially important at times when natural resources are depleted. We make all the Suet Blocks in our Norfolk warehouse. Using only the best ingredients. Our Hemp and Aniseed Block is naturally Green, and this happens because of the amount of Hemp we put into every block.
    These blocks can be used in a suitable hanging feeder or a bird table.
    Composition - Wheat Flour, Insect Fat, Hemp Protein Flour, Hemp Oil, Peanut Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Aniseed Powder, Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder, Spirulina Powder