• Chinchilla & Degu Salad

  • Description

  • Chinchilla & Degu Salad is a wonderful blend of tasty greenery mixed with Flowers and a little bit of veg. This bespoke mix has a base of nutritious green wheat & Timothy hay that has some incredibly healthy (and tasty) forage mixed in with it. When feeding this blend to your chinchilla or degu, make sure to limit the amount of dried veg they have, they may love it, but unfortunately it is high in natural sugars!


    Green Oat, Timothy Hay, Echinacea Stems & Flowers, Rosehips, Carrot Slices, Marigold Flowers, Dried Peas, Chamomile Flowers, Alfalfa, Dried Parsnip, Rose Flowers, Red Clover Flowers, Cornflowers